Tuesday, June 30, 2009

20th - the sequel of unfortunate things

Last night, I took my dinner at somewhere outside and this is the first time I didn't cook for my dine. This time, the sabahan were accompanying me and we were talking about many topics mostly about something I didn't have any idea before, not until they reveal them and that's what I get when I associate myself with prudent people. This is our last met before they takeoff and headed back to peninsular soon and more specifically, they will not come back again as they have completed their bachelor except for a few reason they can't avoid and need to come back. I would lose some friends again but I will try to stay in touch with them as possible as I could.

I went to work like usual but not in a normal way as I faced so many complicated moment. I woke up late today and have to rush all the way once I opened up my both eyes so that I couldn't late for my thumb print. If I'm late, surely my wedges will be deducted as a penalty for my own mistake. Today is not my day as I always stumble up with so many trouble in everything I did since from the morning until at this moment and absolutely flawless free.

  1. I woke up late and a little bit panic when I was thinking about the time, whether I still can take my breakfast or starving all morning. So I decide to take it and stay with the decision until I was full.
  2. Can you believe my bike's engine went off in the middle of the traffic jammed, just right in front of the traffic lamp post. I released my clutch a little bit early and was not pulling the throttle sufficiently when the red light turns to green. It was such an embarrassing moment for me and you just imagine how clumsy I was at that moment.
  3. I was given a task today which is to conduct an attachment of SOP card or what do we call as Standardize of Procedure (if I'm not mistaken) at all machines in the Motorcycle plant. It supposed didn't take many hours but I did almost in 3 hours time. The reason is, I found myself in trouble with the laminate machine. It's a very brand new machine and I just create the problem by using it without follow the instructions provided.

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