Saturday, June 6, 2009

Runner-up pon ok apa!!!

The alarm clock went off at 8.30 a.m and it was a clear sign of the Saturday morning. As everyone compromised to continue the tournament yesterday, I prepared myself before walked away to the court. I was there a little bit late and a few friends were sitting together along the trench's concrete wall. I joined them by sitting under the tree so that the leaves could be the shelter of the sun's ray while waiting for another "star" to come. Meanings, these people were unable to make it on time.

The tournament started around 11 o'clock in the morning where the sunbeam is started to light the ground. The mission today is to finish up the tourney and it began by the game of semi final and proceed to the final. As the sun was vertically right on my head, the sweltering sun was becoming the second thing need to be concerned after the rival that I'm dealing with. So, our team was able to make it through in final. Unfortunately, we were unable to grab the title but we still become the runner-up. We could be the champion but the sun was there and we couldn't stand any chance to beat the opponent. It was a fair and square competition and no one was rumbling about their dissatisfaction.

I'm supposed to get the ticket and come to my hometown today as I promised to attend one of my friend's wedding reception with some friends and I'm just disappointing them by canceling the plan. OMG, what have I done!!!

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