Friday, June 12, 2009

5th.. aku da start bosan...

The working day continues and this is the 5th day out of 90 days that I have to go through. I plan to work here as temporary and I expect the total number of days is just 90 days. This is not the exact number and surely it will has a little bit changing in the future whether it's lesser or more than what I have expected. Even the management doesn't know about this.

I was doing my daily routine as a new QC inspector by observing the production line. Meanwhile, I try to get new knowledge as many as possible in order to operate all machines. If you are a person who is very curious in something that rarely to find, you would be interested on it and try to figure out everything you could see. These are such a very precious opportunity and try to utilize anything to get yourself full with knowledge. From time to time, I'm so familiar with the machines and there's a lot of things I could learn here. I just have to open my lazy mouth and urge out some question. It's so simple.

Working as a QC is not easy or complicated. I'm so bored back there and I talk with some of the operator about my feeling. Surprisingly, they told me they feel very lucky if they could be in my shoes. Can you imagine how bored I'm back there if I have to stand stupidly without do nothing and watch the operators do their job? QC will do the checking in every two hours and record all required data in the record book. In order to kill some boring time, I took 10 - 15 minutes time to walk around and roamed the whole factory. If i bump with the manager, ignoring him or her could be the best thing and switch myself as I'm doing some checking. Then, you'll escape.

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