Sunday, June 21, 2009

bilikku da cantik,

I'm sick of seeing my messy room which is full with my jumbled up notes at each corner of my room, debris from the old boxes and dusts are floating freely at the atmosphere. Not to forget, spiders and a few teeny - weeny insects were moving crawly and construct their web for their solid hideout doesn't make things any better unless dirty.

It's a good timing as I'm off from duty and clearing away all unnecessary stuff would be the terrific activity to fill up the time. I took almost 2 hours to settle everything and now I could say that my room is much better compare with the previous circumstance.

It is a little bit neater and tidier room after I pour out almost all of my energy on it. I've no idea how come I could live in the most messy and miserable room of mine so far. Actually, I wasn't sleep in the room :)

This is the weekend I was looking for since a couple of weeks ago. Today, F1 race is coming back for their action after the long break, not so long actually but it's enough to despair me. I miss the roar sound, come out from the engine, it's so manly. Nothing much I want to say, just a short fact to share with all of you. So, take a short tour in

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