Friday, June 19, 2009

11th - aku start boring...

Like the days before, it's not so hard to work in here especially working as a QC inspector instead, it's not a pleasure job as you think. Nothing much you could do except to follow all lame rules and manage to get your job done. Different thing happen for operators, they do their job repeatedly every day. Even it doesn't expose them in many situation, at least they have something to do rather than standing idle and do nothing. You could imagine the time goes by so slowly if you put yourself in my place.

I was in the office and met my supervisor as she told me to do so yesterday. She asks me to accompany her to go to the workshop department and see whether any effort is applied to the vibration machine or not. The worker is just do their work very well as they could detect what is the main problem. He told us that the machine would be ready for action in a couple of days.

That was the last moment I'm enjoying my work today and it took only 30 minutes of time. My supervisor asks me to keep an eyes in the assembly department while she was headed back to the office. For your information, Assembly department is the worst working area after Pasting department. It was noisy, dusty, miserable and disgusting place. Indeed, I hate this place.

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