Friday, June 5, 2009

aku dan YES karnival????

This is not suppose to be a long entry as I didn't have through many things today. Even though I could feel this is a long day to go through and it was full with a common activity. Like today, I watched a movie called SNIPER. I don't want to elaborate more in term of the cast, the actors, actress or even the synopsis. It is fine if I just state the title here and you can search by yourself if you want to dig more :)

I formed a team in just a few seconds and enrolled our team in Takraw tourney in the very last minute (2 days ago where it was on Tuesday evening). So, I had a couple of matches so far and I was having a spectacular moment when our team is able to make it through in semi after the preliminary stage. (Actually, most of the participants are from my own friends where I'm used to play with in every evening). I'm so familiar with them and vice versa. We just enjoy and play like the one we used to, yet, we are on the TAKRAW TOURNEY. You have to know that, everyone still want to strike the champion title and the dedication and determination still alive when we struggle on the game. The next big thing for tomorrow is.........(drum beats)........ trying to get our team on final stage.

I came to the Carnival area just now where it was full with booths where some commodities are ready for sale especially souvenirs, bracelets, foods and etc. Some miscellaneous stuff that you never ever met was preview for the students as well. The situation is most likely to Pasar Malam that you commonly found on Wednesday but it comes with the different name, which is YES CARNIVAL. Unfortunately, I never explore what is the specific meaning for YES itself and I never care. Watched live band performances for a while because only this event could grab most of the student's attention. I don't like their performance as I never know the performers. Folks, you could ponder out by yourself and please do not be influenced by me.

Q: so, what did I spend for money over there?
A: I spend nothing. I probably think that nothing is value for money to spend. The money is worthy for something else. Perhaps, something that could be able to fulfill my desire.

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