Thursday, June 18, 2009

10th - masih dgn mesin rosak..

Nothing much I could do in the 10th day after being involved in this batteries industry. No specific task was assigned for me in the morning and I decide to look after the vibration tester. I kept trying for the breakthrough of the problem made by the vibration machine. Well, the machine still doesn't improve any and all my effort is just vain. It was ended by reporting the crappy problem to my supervisor.

My supervisor managed to issue this problem at the maintenance department. A few minutes later, two practical students came in for help. I did a short briefing regarding to the problem and explained how the machine is supposed to function. We start to come out with a few possible ideas and proceed along with the solution. Once it's done, I start to give a test in order to ensure no such problem from happen again. It was looking good at first time, not until I increased the frequency, the motor and the plate were unable to rotate properly and not stable anymore. Instead, new defect appeared.

No option could be made unless to send this machine at the workshop department for rebuild again. The machine is extremely broken.

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