Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8th - ujian getaran dan uniform

From time by time to day by day, everything is new and it is getting a little bit much better even a few circumstances still not really suitable on me. Still, I'm trying my best to make myself able to adapt this uncommon situation, even I start to realize it was totally absurd to go through. After all, nothing is perfect

Do you still remember in the previous entry? I had been stated down that I was fixing the vibration machine. Today, I was given a chance to conduct a test regarding the vibration of the green batteries by using the machine I fixed recently. The objective of the test is to find out whether the acid inside the container is spilling out and splashing to everywhere from the seal or not. If the result shows that the fluid spills out from the battery's container, it means the machine of "heat seal" process has a problem. The further action need to take in order to improve the problem and prevent it from happen again. I was failed in the first attempt, so do in the 2nd and 3 rd. What a poor thing.

I was requesting for my uniform since yesterday and I got them in my hands today. I got 2 uniform shirts and 3 pants which can be used by tomorrow morning. I suppose to have 3 shirts, unfortunately M size is not enough from the closet. Well, with this uniform, it's encouraging me to stay focus in my new lifestyle as a worker. It's like a new spirit somehow. CHEY-WAH!!!

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