Sunday, June 7, 2009

hari minggu dan F1

The weekend is striking again after six days, which is full in so many mundane affairs that we need to deal with and through no matter what. In the sequence of the days, Sunday is a public holiday where people will be off from their duty apart for a particular persons or parties. Obviously, I never feel the excitement of weekend since a couple of days back whenever I'm on holiday now. Everyday is same to me when no more class need to attend, no more assignment need to submit, no more time to stick around with books and frustrated myself with crappy people. So, for the whole week, I'm responsible in nothing :)

The best part of the day today is, F1. Only this kind of expensive sport could bring the real meaning of my weekend. This time, it was a Turkish GP and we could realize that the temperature is extremely hot. You could see the track's surface is a little bit smoky caused by the heat from the sweltering sun. It has been a while that I didn't hear the fantastic sound from the car's engine and once the race start, I increased the volume navigator until the highest pitch. I was really enjoyed by doing that and I could feel the situation is so lively around me. It's much better when your favorite driver become a stormer and win the title. It was so exciting in my definition.

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