Thursday, June 25, 2009

16th - hari ni aku free

First of all, no stunning moments were happened today. I'm still stuck with the same thing everyday, same old drama that I've to go through all over again and again no matter what before I decide to come out with the resignation letter. So I'd keep all the details brief and for those who feel like this entry is quite boring, please move to another entry or skip away from this page is highly recommended.

As my routine before I start my duty, I'll meet my supervisor to get some specific schedule order whether is there anything I need to do especially in term of testing or I would be free for the whole working time. If everything is confirmed, then I'll proceed based on the task schedule provided from the QC manager.

My supervisor was on her leave today for unknown reason. As usual, no specific instruction is assigned for me and clearly I could walk free to everywhere. I prefer to get myself in the motorcycle plant based on a few reasons that I stated on the previous entry. For better understanding, take a short tour and go get them by yourself. It was a boring day indeed as the time was ticking slowly and annoying the hell out of me.

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