Thursday, June 4, 2009

syukur ...aku dapat :)

Like usual, I woke up from a long sleep, opened up my eyes promptly at 11 a.m and rushed over to my phone as I put it in my room since last night. I manage to sleep at the parlor where the air ventilation is much better, a little bit windy when the sliding door opens widely and with double sleeping mat upon on the floor, it's enough to voluptuous anyone. Moreover, the global warming is fluctuated recently as I could feel the heat is trapping in the whole apartment and pissed the hell out of me.

Back to the story, there were 3 missed calls from the unknown number but I'm really sure those calls were from the TKY industries. Then I called the numbers back to conform and once the operator picks up the phone, I was directly asked about my application and the operator replied with something that I didn't expect. It was totally disappointing as the operator said, "This is the hunting line, we never record any dialed numbers and you have to wait for any followed up calls. Thank you". Well, poor me with retarded face come along together.

A moment later after the devastating answer from the operator, my phone was ringing back and the same number appeared on the screen, I was ecstasy when the call is coming from the TKY industries and thing is getting more interesting when someone was telling me that my application is accepted. I could start by this coming Monday and I can't wait to have my first go.

Just want to share a very short conversation before the line went off:

Me: hmm, could you simplify a little about what should my outfit look alike and what I'm supposed to do and not supposed to once I start my work?

Operator: please note down that u have to wear a formal outfit, no jeans are allowed and make sure you wear shoes and not slippers or any kind of sandals. One more thing, please bring together your picture in passport size.


n.helwa zakaria said...

wow, i am happy for u...bravo!!


ahaha...thanks yeah... I've to prepare for the day...kerja bersungguh-sungguh!!!!!!!