Saturday, June 27, 2009

18 th - same old drama to share

It was Saturday again and I came for work today even a half of my inner part was whispering for not to do so. With my little soul boost out, I vowed to myself for not to skip in every working day unless I don't have any option. I used to wake up a little bit late mostly around the brunch time if it is Saturday, the off day for every single student including me where we don't have any classes to attend except a revision class or something else. Well, I have to wake up early nowadays due to my new commitment and hopefully I could bear with it for a couple of months ahead.

My supervisor didn't come over for 3 days in a row and thing was not getting any better after most of the engineers that I hope could help me to kill some boring also were not coming. What the hell on the earth is going on? So who will be in charged to guide me and monitor all the staffs around the factory? The answer is no one will keep an eye toward us and once again. I was lost for no reason as I was so damn bored.

Motorcycle plant was not produce any battery today as the lead plate (one of the battery's nondetachable material) was running out. So the leader was coming out with the temporary plan which is, to decorate or do some changes with their working place so that it's more comfortable and spacious.

Not so many different compare with the assembly department, their production is pretty slow after they have to close down 3 production lines out of 4 lines which are available. Meaning, only a single production line was still producing batteries while the rest were urgently need to close down due to a few reason. While they were thinking for the solution to overcome the problem, I decided for not to get myself interfere from their business and I ended up the working day by ran some errands by my own.

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