Sunday, June 28, 2009

weekend - a series of unfortunate situation

I was in Putrajaya last night with a bunch of my fellow friends as we planned to watch Transformers, revenge of the fallen in somewhere around Alamanda. I'm literally can't wait to watch it, so we moved out together promptly at 9 and reach over to the location after few minutes time.

Unfortunately, things were not happened as we want, all seats were not available anymore even a single seat. This is probably happen because everyone still eager to have a sit for the movie as the rumors claimed that this movie will going to be the best selling in worldwide once it release out in the cinema.

Then, we try to switch the plan from watching Transformers to another movie and we got a few choices. Another unfortunate situation appears, all seats available were unable to occupy all of us. So, we come out with the new plan, this time, someone was proposing to play bowling as a replacement activity. Everything weren't right last night after all lanes were full. Owh my god, what a waste.

we had our dine at somewhere in cyberjaya before we continue our trip to KLIA. Just want to enjoy the night view over there while waiting for a few aircraft to takeoff or landing from the runaway. Once everyone felt bored, we headed back to college in the dawn and a few unexpected situations happened. I just don't want to write down those things as it was nothing to do with my life, it's messed my entry with something that I don't really like to pan out instead.

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