Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3rd.. ada progress ckit..wawaa

I start to converse with some workers in my department where I do reckon I have to because in the next few days, I would work with them as a team. By saying the various types of greetings as a basic start, I was starting to warm up our conversation and talking about our personnel life, address and mostly about their working experiences and how long they have been working as a topic.

Some of them are still new comers but it's hard for me to realize which one is permanent or temporary as they wear the same uniform as permanent. Here, each position level is based on the uniform colors. As an example, the manager wears the peach uniform, QC wears light brawn uniform, maintenance wears dark blue uniform and the operator wear the yellow round neck T-Shirt. S

o you'll know which one is your manager, operator or even a person who is in the same level as you. You would fine the manager, the QC inspector, operators and line leaders in every department and the different is only the total number of operators and QC inspectors who are in charged. The manager will come out with task schedule that shows in which department need to use more inspectors and operator. All these are based on the how busy or complicated the department could be.

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