Wednesday, June 24, 2009

15 th - out of idea...

While waiting for the new vibration tester to develop by the special team from R&D *R&D stands for Research and Design*, I already know since from the very beginning that it would be a long day today. Normally, if I don't have any test to run, I would be in the production line and monitor all operators do their job. Sometimes I feel like a manager or an engineer that always staring at the workers, to ensure in every single thing must be in perfection and think about something profitable all the time that makes their head spin.

Today, I prefer to be in motorcycle plant as it is a very peaceful department, less in term of noise and dirt. It's not a very narrow space and has a very high roof so that the air ventilation could flow very smoothly. The heat produced out from all running machines would float up and will be sucked through the suction pipe. Before the air is about to release, it must be filtered first to make sure all unwanted materials or waste are not going to pollute the environment. That's why I'll come by in this place regularly so that I could release away some tension.

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