Wednesday, June 3, 2009

minta minta la dapat...:)

So, I start to open the new chapter in my life today as I was looking for job vacancies available nowadays. At first, the plan was just to find the part-time job but finally I decided to change the plan to something, which is more benefit on me regarding to the salary, experiences and so on. I'm looking for any job as long as it fits on my qualification level and the working place is not too far from the college area as I want to stay in college's accommodation and spend the whole holiday here. I was discussing with my parents and they have nothing to object my decision. Everything's pretty well for me so far, not until my application form is acceptable.


EXPECTED WAGE: RM - (sorry, I've to keep this secret for a particular reason)

Morning, I gave a phone call to one of the factories in Semenyih and the line was accepted by the operator before I was connected to the HR department. Communicate in an official way, the HR department had briefly explained about the job available and a few basic procedures that I have to follow before I'm able to have the second chance, the interview.

Initially, the HR was asking me about the qualification and I told them the truth and without corruption for any statement. At first, the HR was surprised when they heard about my field and they never thought a Civil Student is interested to work in factory. Actually, they are looking for the employees especially that have the Mechanical or Electrical education background so that they could fill the vacancies in their company. Luckily, the HR keeps shine my day when they asked me to give a try and bring along my CV during the interview session.

Afternoon, I start to arrange every important certificates and documents where I think have a possible to bring the position closer. I was typing out my CV and some of the content I was fully quoted from the template that I browsed on the web. Here, a few parts I couldn't stop myself to cheat. Thus, some parts are not relate and nothing to do with my daily basis. Before print it out, I have to recheck those sections repeatedly in so many times until everything is fine. I have to careful or they would find out the secret.

Evening, with my guts on, I came through the electric fence and went through to the office. I was confronting with the receptionist there and she gave me a form that was full with empty space and insists me to fill up the form so that all data could be recorded clearly without skeptical. I took more than 30 minutes time before the form was ready to submit back to the counter. A few minutes times were passed and someone was coming to me asking a few questions which are more to my personnel lifestyle. Once he done, he called another 2 persons to join him for interview me. With my CV was open up upon on the table and passed it from someone to another, they start to ask me everything from the basic to the complicated things even sometimes I have no idea for the question itself. Three persons were in charge in order to interview me and you just imagine that i have to answer all the various questions flippantly. some answers are so lame as my brain can't work faster. so, I've to pray to ALLAH and let ALLAH to grant me this. INSYALLAH.......

Initially, I came to apply the technician position and when they checked on my certificate, they decided to locate me in the Quality Control where I think it's more easier and fit on me. I'm not really sure but I believe that I could enjoy myself with this new work and new environment.I just have to endure this for 3 months before I resign and continue my bachelor later when the new semester is reopen.

So, what did they said before the interview session found the end point:

"Your application form will be processed within two days and you'll be informed within the time range or as soon as possible. I think you've to get the hair cut as we are enhancing the very high implementation of disciplines here"


    n.helwa zakaria said...

    quality cntrol??.. hurmm i thk it's ok to fill dis holiday from any non-activities in our college right??.. am pray for u for dis application..hopefully u get it..


    yup... i get the job and will start in diz coming monday... I believe that this job would fine on me.. anyway..thanks for ur pray..:)... so, wut will u do for diz holiday?..

    n.helwa zakaria said...

    ermm.. i already passed my cv to 1 private company dats in civil field, but i did't get any feedback from them.. so i thk my application was rejected by them.. but i'll try again but not in the same company.. just pray for me ok.. nway myb during dis school holiday, i thk i wanna try to be a teacher in my ex school, but am not sure yet...


    ic.. such a good effort actually..just don't give up easily..keep trying..I'm sure u'll get it one day... being a teacher is kind of a good part time as well. don't be a choosy and take any chances that come over you.