Tuesday, June 23, 2009

14 th - betul, rosak balik.. buang parit jela..

I'm still having my mood to write down about the vibration tester in this entry and I think only this issue could makes myself a little bit lesser from the very high tense, mostly gather from the working area. Almost in every previous post, I was jotting down something related to vibration tester as I always working together with this stuff. I can't describe anything else that obviously I don't get myself involved apart from this one. All posts are based on my reality life after all and I start to fed up.

After a few days the vibration tester is under the workshop department for repair, the engineer who is responsible to design back the machine has officially inform me that the machine can be used again. So, I moved the machine by my own and no one came for help. In here, you have to work by your own except you are desperately need more hands in order to finish something. You'll have no option to take and asking someone around you for help is much better.

I start to proceed the testing which is delayed due to the previous problem and it was looking good for the first 45 minutes. After the time range, the machine starts to develop the new problem. This time, the basement for the motor, or what they call as bracket has a major cracked. If I still proceed, surely it would crash in thousand pieces.

I manage to report this new defect to my supervisor and she has issued this matter with the engineer. The engineer concludes to design a new testing machine which is more durable and more sophisticated to replace the old machine. This current machine is no longer use and ready to throw in the junkyard. Only that I could understand as they used to speak Chinese all the time.

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