Saturday, June 20, 2009

12th - jadi mando

Today is Saturday and I never expect the time is revolved much faster than I thought. Usually, I was deadly bored to wait for the day to change and now everything is switched far from it's normal. It's totally different. What I'm trying to deliver is, you would feel the time is ticking a double faster especially when you fill your life with something, it doesn't bother whether you like it or not. It's more effective when you have the enthusiasm in everything you do.

My supervisor is on leave today and no specific task was assigned for me. So, an engineer asks me a favor to replace one man from his team. I accept the offer with my heart wide open and hope it would be something that could be fascinating me.

However things aren't happen as I wish. This job is quite similar with my job routine, still standing stupidly at the production line and observe the operator while they were doing their job. I was strictly prohibited to give a hand or interrupt in their business even I know I could do that much better. Now I know why the engineer asked me for this, he wants to ensure those operator are committed in doing their work and not skip away from their responsibility. It's kind of a boring job!!!

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