Friday, June 26, 2009

17th - worth experience

I've no idea why I'm suddenly very excited to blog out and put something, purposely to share with my regular blog readers. This is probably because of what have I done today is way different from my daily basis. It's normal to get excited on something that you never ever expect. You would have the real excitement when you are experiencing something outstanding and when it just happens once in a lifetime.

For two days in a row, my supervisor was on her leave and once again, no one is going to guide me or at least to let me know what is actually I'm supposed to do today. I don't have a clear view of what is the next stuff that I have to take responsible when I'm so obsessed to explore more in this battery industry.

I offered myself to every single engineer on each department in case they are desperately require a favor or at least a company, it would be something advanced if they were willing to take me as their temporary assistant. I think that I'm expecting too much here, silly me.

I'm going to simplify this as I don't have much time to waste. Afterward, someone gave me a phone call and asked me a favor. He was an engineer from battery formation department and he offered me some job. I'm quite happy as I was deadly bored of doing nothing and I just accept the given opportunity

First thing that comes around in my head was, how hard it can be? Well, the job description is something like this, All I need to do is to polish away some minor scratches on the battery's seal until it changes from the uneven surface and become a little bit shiny. It was not so hard yet it takes time to make the surface looks even and I have to bend my body all the time. Consequently, my back was in pain and I was sweating out so much drops for something that is not under my knack.

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