Monday, June 29, 2009

19th - temporary QC in assembly dept.

As usual, I came to work and met my supervisor after 5 days without looking her face since last Thursday. That is my routine in every morning before I start my duty and without my supervisor around for a couple days back, frankly says from my little heart that I never miss her even a bit, maybe because she's not contribute something that influenced me much.

Back to the story, at first, she told me for not to do anything at that moment until she calls me up. Before I step out from the office, the assembly engineer wants me to replace one of the QC inspectors in his department as that individual who is supposed to in charge was on the emergency leave. I just snatch that offer as I think that it would be something interesting to go through.

I was in this department in so many times before, regularly when I was a new comer and still use the "temporary past" in my grasp and the sole card for me to access the factory. The point is, to get myself familiar with all battery process and expose myself all over the machines. And today, I was in here again with different time and objectives which is to be one of the inspector and try to enforce all checking system in a proper way.

It was not easy actually and I was struggling to understand all the requirement process of checking. Even I know that I'm just a support person, leaning something new is always be in my top priority and the sole motivation of me painstakingly leaning all the process is just to get some skills so that I could run the machines again, in case when I'm in need. It takes me a while to warm up on it and i just did the basic process and prefer on that way. I didn't want to explore more as I don't want to ruin the machine's setup. After the whole day to get myself involved with the production line, I could say now that most of the checking techniques are in my pocket.

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