Wednesday, June 17, 2009

9th - bodoh punya mesin

I was continuing the task that I began yesterday which is the vibration test. After quite some times in trying to obtain the data, I start to lose my composure and become impatient. By using the vibration meter, the wire from the meter is connected to the vibration machine and once the machine start to vibrate, the vibration meter will show the result in numerical format due to the vibration at the plate.

Unfortunately, not every single data shown is relevant with the vibration produced out by the machine. The reading is not accurate anymore. It supposes to be like this, when the frequency is increased, the vibration is getting harder and the reading from the meter should be higher and higher. Nevertheless, this situation is not happen and the reading is fluctuated. I aware about the source of the problem, it is coming from the vibration plate itself and the rod of the motor.

After a few hours working together with this crappy machine, finally it was brake down. I took almost 2 hours to recover the defect and regain back the power, but it's not stay long. The gear was snatched out from the orbit and the gear is failed to rotate. Nothing much I can do as the time shown is almost at 5 o'clock where it is the time for home.

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