Wednesday, March 3, 2010

JKR - the careless

2 days ago, I went to JKR for one particular aim - to meet the JKR director after I was finally successful to set an appointment with him. The purpose of this appointment is to get permission from JKR to lend/use a few equipments which is supplied by them.

Suddenly, he said that he is busy and ask me to get in touch with his assistance. Ok, that one is acceptable as I don't have anything to grumble. So I met his assistance and we went to the further discussion - At the end of the meeting, the assistance mention that she will inform me regarding the status of my application in the evening.

So, I was waiting the call in the evening but nothing came. I still believe for the call to come and look forward to it even I started to despair - I keep waiting until today and the results remains the same. Just now, I went again to the JKR office and directly met the person in charged (the assistance) It seems that the assistance is totally forget about my application and she just simply said "sorry" without concerning about my feeling. I almost uttered out "B**I" (well deserved profanity after all her afford) as I was so frustrated.

Luckily, the assistance was abruptly called the staff to entertain and was convincing me that I'll get whatever I want as soon as possible without through any compulsory protocol or ordinance. Just imagine what will happen if I stay silent and not tend to check my request? Surely I'll keep waiting forever

Oh, I almost delete this from my head - I still have a business that still not reach at the end point yet. I'm still waiting the feedback from the Police Station as I was required them to provide a full report of accidents statistic at Jalan Mantin to Seremban. Got to remind them somehow in case they forget.