Friday, March 12, 2010

Enjoying myself

Last night, my friends and I went to Seremban to watch a movie: V3 - Samseng Jalanan even some of us were possessed by Alice in Wonderland. So we moved early so that we can have our dinner first and not starving in the cinema.

Once we finished our dinner, we still have 30 minutes time before the movie was about to start. Afiq advocated for karaoke-ing even he realized the time is not sufficient and some friends also were against him. He not gave up and convinced us that we still can make it. Ok, everyone agreed and we were karaoke-ing for half an hour. I was able to cover one song that night. Times up, we were moving to the cinema to enjoy V3.

The origin plan for that night is to celebrate Odah's birthday. So we pick that night for the movie session and at the same time to celebrate that particular birthday girl. So, on the way back, we were not straightly going home but we stoped by at one place, nearby by the college's food court just want to mess her up.

Ok, that occasion continued until 2 a.m and everyone knew that we were having a water class at 8 a.m. Its 6 hours away before the class to start. I slept at 3 a.m. after cleaning myself.

Frankly speak, I was absent for the class even all my housemates were trying to wake me up but they failed. I was unable to control my eyes and decided to continue my sleep what ever it cause. And now, I'm regretting myself for not attending the class.

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