Monday, March 8, 2010

Skid Resistance - when the rumors influence the better of you

Okay, I think I should blog this out before everything wipes away from my head. Better to express it now before it mess-up my mind sooner or later, or all memories is being replaced. I could sniff out something new tomorrow and presents :)

Saturday's early dawn, as I informed to all my friends that I will conduct my skid test at 3 a.m, everyone replied with the same expression. They ponder out that I'm crazy and out of my mind. They presume it doesn't make sense to conduct a test at 3 a.m at Bukit Mantin while I'm very serious. In whatsoever reactions, utmost all the replies is weakening me as they came out with negative side.

Seriously, I don't blame those people for coming up with that kind of impression. Some of you might know how there are so many haunted stories about that particular spooky area - Bukit Mantin. I was about to crown it as the most paranoia inducing experience I've ever felt in my entire life.

At the moment we arrived at the area, everything was silent and deserted. As if this place is not creepy enough during the day time, when the vehicles are still traveling and passing by this area, imagine being in that terror area alone at the night until the dawn time? Okay maybe not, I was with some friend that willing to escort me.

At the end, thanks god. Nothing that I really don't want to experience is happened or even closed. Everything just happened as what had been planned. I'm able to cover all three areas without any problem apart from the sweltering sun, the frightening moment and the reckless driver which was speeding up even we warn them to slow down. The sign board is not even helped me so much but it still useful to send the message to the driver.

I wonder, how they got their driving license. Apparently, after I put myself in the middle of the road, come to observe the real Malaysian attitude of driving, It can be concluded that most of the Malaysian drivers are:

all sucks, stubborn, fools, hopeless, stupid, reckless, annoying, jerk, mother-fucker, small minded, selfish, introvert, Ignorant and whatsoever.


dila john said...

wahh.. tajuk ISP aku yang tak jadi. pape pon, congrats sebab dapat wat tajuk tu..


lol...knapa plak x jadi?..sbb skid resstance portable tu x der lgi ke?..

lily abd ghafar said...

gile kentang!!


aper yg giler kentang nyer kak lily?...uhhuu

dila john said...

sir dian suruh carik pendulum tester kalau tak silap la,
tapi deprizon kata, takde benda tu melainkan buat ujian kat UKM.

pastu, sebab tak tau nak cari kat mana, last2 cancel.
and aku punya ISP agak hancur la, sebab aku punya excited da hilang.

kau guna yang mana? kolej baru beli ke?
wahh.. gila jeles!!!
rasa macam nak join jek wat asgmnt kau tu.


hahha..really?...yup, skid portable ni mmg baru...kolej beli dan aku la yg first guna...hahahah...
kire ntng jugakla aku....:)