Monday, March 29, 2010

My heart's pumping me up....

Nothing much I did today since the message of meeting Mr D was sticking up in my head. The objective of meeting him tonight - he wants to check my progression in Chapter 4 - data collection and data analysis must be at least in the word documents form.

Well, it doesn't give much pressure to me at all today after I was brainstorming yesterday. All I did is just doing some adjustment where possible and editing some sentences where necessary towards all the elaboration of the data collected.

The time is approaching now and I need to get myself well prepared as ryan will pick me up within 10 minutes time. Seriously, I'm still quite nervous now and I'm not confident with my own report whether the collected data is good or poor, right or wrong, acceptable or not, reliable or not and convincing or not. All of them are making my head spinning *Sigh*

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