Saturday, March 13, 2010

V3: samseng jalanan - macam syial!!!

Yesterday night, I was hanging out with my classmates and the plan was always prior to watch movie in Seremban. This time, V3: Samseng Jalanan was taken us the most. So, the phrase that should spew out from my mouth to express my ponder must be something like this: "What the fuck? I watched another stupid Malay movie again!!!!"

All of us can't wait since the preview of this movie has been shown for public view and become limelight movie's title since then. Everyone is so eager to be in the line for ticket and have a seat to enjoy this movie. So do with us. Plus, this is the first project directed by Farid Kamil, the foremost artist.

I've nothing to against or condemn the Malaysian movie. I admit that certain Malaysian movies have impressed me so much with their story line, elements they put in the story and it's so valuable. But I can't find them in V3. It's like rubbish, the storyline is hard to understand, the dialogue they used is not strong enough and seriously it's commonly use by the public.

Normally, movies are influencing the viewers by its dialogue that exists. The motif and lessons that they try to deliver to the audiences is blur neither. Okay that is one thing, another thing is, they are contented too many sexy girls in this movie for attraction purpose.

I believe that those girls are Muslimah and to equip them with sexy outfit is not right (Just imagine, their breasts almost to protrude out from the bra and the camera focus on their humps quite often). They look like a slut, a whore, a prostitute or whatsoever that makes this movie looks like even worse than rubbish. I believe this movie need to re-shoot again because of such elements they put.

What? the director claimed that Adnan Sempit imitated his movie. It doesn't make sense. Even Adnan Sempit did so, V3 still can't beat Adnan Sempit and Adnan Sempit is way better. As conclusion, this movie is not RECOMMENDED. It SUCKS!!!!!!!!


lily abd ghafar said...

Malaysia should banned people like u boy!!


haha..what do u mean kak lily?