Friday, March 5, 2010

Skid test - Bring it on fella!!!

Since I'm so enthusiastic and so much excited for tomorrow test, I would like to blogging now with a big smile carved and notched up upon my face after everything is set on the place. All cones and sign boards is ready after I took them from JKR in the morning. Everything is adjusted pretty well. Yeah, what a feeling I have now........

If I'm able to conduct the test tomorrow, it means that my research project is just a few percents away to success before the submission date. Yet, it still depends on the terms and condition applied by my supervisor. Hopefully, he will pleasure and impress with my work later. InsyaAllah.....

I still remember the way I struggled to ensure this test to become real. I mean, the endeavor I applied to make myself fully eligible to conduct this test without interruption/disturbance from any parties including police or any other local authority.

Do you know how a piece of paper becomes more powerful than anything else when you have business/mundane affair with another organization or individual? Even the technologies expand towards the ability in term of functions and services, it still looks invaluable when you face any management system.

Ok, let's switch this thing in different way so that it looks more understandable. We already know that we have printer nowadays. People basically use the printer to interpret whatever they type in the monitor by using their own fingertips. Think about it again, in what material or even surface that is required for the data to be printed? Most of us will come out with the same point: paper. I know some people probably would say something different such as plastic. Ok, I admit that they got a point to mention that as an answer.

Let's move to another situation. Have you ever meet the summon sheets, document tender, formal letter, magazines, novels, books, agreement sheets or whatsoever in plastic form. I believe no one have found it even for those who stays in the thrived country. See, how paper plays a big role in our life even the technologies keep discovering the undiscovered. No wonder some people will put their life at stake to become an illegal lumberjack - destroy the flora and change it to wide bare land and expose to jeopardy - because they know that they can generate luxurious livelihood on that way.

I just want to relate the above long babbling with what has happened to me. Enjoy this:
  1. I need to provide a formal letter to JKR - without paper, discussion is nothing, any agreement is completely can't be compromised.
  2. I need to provide a formal letter to Traffic department - without letter, no further responds from them.
  3. I need to provide a formal letter to police station - without letter, my saliva is just wasted and invaluable.
  4. I need to provide a formal letter to use Highway Lab - without letter, the grille will remains unlock

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