Monday, March 22, 2010

University College - the launching day

Civil Engineering Team

Today was slightly different from yesterday after I put myself involved in one particular event. So, today was the launching day of Linton College after they get fully eligible and approval to upgrade their institution level from "college" to "University College".

Meaning, this Linton's institution is no longer called as "Linton College", otherwise it's called as "Linton University College" stating from today onwards. Surely, it's a very meaningful day to all of the organizations, staffs and not to forget to all the students here due to this achievement.

In order to make this launching looks more encouraging and happening, a few engineering and architecture schools had been assigned to arrange an exhibition of anything that might be pleased and impressed the minister of High Education - Dato' Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin.

Minister of Higher Education of Malaysia

Each school need to prepare all the equipments and achievements they have which is possible to symbolize about the reliability of this college to accept the "University" title. So, school of Civil Engineering also took part of this exhibition that was located along the corridor.

Me with Skid Resistance Portable

Okay, I was in charged for the Skid Resistance Portable as I used that equipment before. To make sure I could give a very good performance during the explanation about the equipment towards the minister, I did study all the features and try to memorize all it functions and procedures. A few questions that I never expected to be asked:
  1. Kenapa tak masuk IPTA, kenapa masuk IPTS?
  2. Kamu loan MARA ke PTPTN?
  3. Kamu asal dari mana?
  4. Ok ke tidak belajar kat kolej ni?
Can you imagine that the minister asked me such questions? hahaha, I bet you will never expect those questions neither. But seriously, I feel more confident with those questions as I have all the answers. Those questions are just a piece of cake :)


dila john said...

ok ke tak belajar kat kolej,
kau jawab ape?

lagi satu, pehhh.. gila jeles sama portable skid resistance tuh!!!! ahhahah


aku senyum jer...hahaha...pstu dier blah, x lama pon dier kat situ..

haha, ko amik degree la, nnti leh guna...hahaah

dila john said...

ahh.. tolonglah.
tak sanggup dah.

btw, degree ade praktikal x?


aper yg ko x sanggup>..

as olwez la..mana ada practical...kalau nk, kene wat sndiri la...masa cuti...