Monday, March 15, 2010

weekend activity - I enjoyed so much fun

This post is supposed to publish yesterday. Unfortunately, due to a few problems encountered, it fails to happen just like the way I want it to be.

I went to Jeram Toi yesterday and it was a great joy, indeed. It's a waterfall area and you can imagine how the place should be, with the cold water flows down from the upstream and the tranquility. Okay, the tranquility is just temporary, not until more and more visitors came by and devastated the atmosphere.

The staircase with handrail - new innovation

Concrete staircase with concrete handrail - perfect

It has been a while since I came here last time. Surely this place has changed a lot. It looks better than before as they provide many significant facilities for the visitors. Now they provide staircase with handrails if you tend to climb up to the upstream, they provide a proper toilet even they have a few rooms only, they construct many chalets and they provide even surface for anyone who tend to set up their tent.

Look at the water flows down, the momentum is quite awesome

You can find the crystal clear water at the very top of the terrain, yet you can't find the same sort of water in term of their color at the lowest terrain. It's suddenly switch after the water flows through several water platforms that accommodate many bunches of visitors. So it's better for you to climb up a little bit vertical so that you can find a great water platform with the crystal clear water flows and also a specific space for your own privacy.

Okay, take a look at the water. Its brown color

One more thing, please don't bring along too many persons with you. 5 persons are perfect but if you bring more than that, it's not a wise decision. This place can be classified as a small location, even certain water platforms will be packed only with 5 persons. If any of you plan to do a family day or any events that invited many people, this place will be crowded and your activity will be limited. So, no much fun anymore to attend the events

Typical stupid Malaysian - introvert and selfish. The cottage is build for the visitors to sit and rest, not to set up the tent in it. Such a crappy jerk.

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