Wednesday, March 31, 2010

burden in my head has not abated

After the discussion/meeting session with Mr D last night, which is one of the events that I classify as important and need to pay more attention at, another enormous problem is waiting to face me - CMID project is still stuck in design part.

Today, I came a little bit late to CMID class as I stopped by at concrete lab to meet hafis, afiq and yana - it took less than 10 minutes. They were assigned as trainer to show some demonstration in concrete lab to our junior - level 1 students. Then, I leaped away towards the class and I was fully conscious that I was late.

I reached to the class and realize only a few students were inside while the rest were still not coming. I checked my group members and find no one. So, I went outside to wait them. While waiting, more students were coming and they are not allowed to come in as the door was fully locked. Now, I was one of them and I'm the innocent victim :(

It just 15 minutes late and the door was locked. So, all the students were waiting stupidly outside for the door to open. It did open after 45 minutes later. I wonder why thing like this happens while it never happened before. Well, I don't put the blame or pointed out my finger to anyone and if I did, sure it goes to me first.

There is only probability which is causing this matter - All groups have planned to present tomorrow. So, to achieve their plan, they came late so that the lecturer will pick another group. Unfortunately, all groups are applying the same strategy. Well, that's enough to screw up the lecturer.

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