Friday, March 12, 2010

past time-line check list

I'm extremely fucking busy lately. It's hard for me to find some free space so that I can update my blog more often. My life has turned upside down since my FYP and my CMID project reach in the middle of it process.

Just imagine, I need to sleep at 2 or 3 a.m almost in every day to ensure my FYP and CMID project have progressed and improved. Okay, it's look so hopeless if I say that I put 100% concentration on them, some time I used to fooling around, chit chat more and do nothing or in general term, I'm wasting my time rather than I do my work. Yet, I'm just a normal human being and obviously, I can't resist the joy and temptation from the surrounding.Life is usually so hectic whenever I'm on pressure - the due date is approaching while lots of work still left undone. My biological clock has change the direction from what it should be. I feel the hardness and it's utterly so disappointing.
Past time-line check-list:

I've returned back all the cones and sign boards to JKR. Thanks a lot to Yana as she was willing to lend me her car. Thanks and highly appreciate to JKR for the favor that they have shown.

Skid Resistance Portable also has been returned even I was late about a day from the schedule. Thanks again to Yana as I used her car for the transferring process. Sorry to Mdm Su for the late return. I know I broke the rules that have been pledge last time. Oh, I almost forget that you are not checking all the equipments yet. Once you are willing to check, just let me know. We check together.

To Yana, if you spot any defection at any part of your car, please don't blame me straight away. I believe that your car is safe, no part is dented and no scratch on its steel body except a minor scratch in the plastic interface of your car. It's not scratched at all, it's disappeared once I polish it away.

Oh, my friends and I went out for a couple of times just want to release our tension and have fun. Most of the unforgettable memory is the movie part. I was enjoying Niyang Rapik so much. I just can't recall the rest activities as it has been deleted away from my memory.


NatureWings said...

go out and watch Alice in Wonderland!!! Cant wait to watch it tonight...


hahaha..all tickets r full more ticket available..will watch it later bro...huhuhu...