Saturday, March 20, 2010

a whining for Saturday :)

Weekend must be a great day for those who are pushing their self to the limits, working like crazy and be workaholic all the time to improve their life standard. Those people will enjoy their weekend with family at home or plan for a short trip to anywhere, mostly a trip that not need high endurance.

Yet, it's different on me. I don't feel that weekend is a great day to enjoy. To me, weekend is just a boring day just like the another. Even, sometimes I feel it worse than that. Do you know why? Because, from Monday to Friday, at least I still have classes to attend and have so many time I could spend with my friends.

When it comes to Saturday and the next day (weekend), I feel that I'm waiting stupidly for nothing at my own room. I don't know what else I could do apart from the FYP that never grab my attention. Most of my friends prefer for homecoming as their hometown is not far away. Mine is different, I need to take at least 3 hours before I could see my parents.

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