Thursday, March 25, 2010

career fair..part 002

Today is the 2nd day of the carrier fair. So the booth is nothing much different, the style and the way we run it is still same with yesterday. Observing others school, it seems that they just exhibit all their equipments without exhibitor to in charge. Only civil school still locate their exhibitor just want to show their full commitment in such events.

Mr A has cancelled the CMID class today after the lecture hall that we supposed to use is utilized by other people, regarding to the career fair speech. So, we just sign up the attendance after failed to find the free hall. To use the class is just absurd as it can't accommodate all the students.

I came to the speech as I was suddenly feel to hear all their valued ramblings. Some of the speaker is quite good with their performance and quite energetic in delivering their points and thoughts. Some of them are just annoying. But still, I'm quite satisfied with all the input I get in my head.

Okay, when it comes to career fair, basically we can find a few companies or organizations open their booth and offered you many types of jobs. Sure, they will interview you first just want to know your general background of any course. Unfortunately, there's no single booth that was opened and offer the civil engineering students a path or chance to become the next civil engineer. What a disappointment.

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