Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CMID is getting tougher

Today's temperature was so high, beyond the human's skin capability to withstand the heats from the sun ray. It's not much different actually with the previous days that I went through. Well, it's the effect of the global warming anyways and it's unstoppable until all the responsible scientists take significant action.

Unfortunately, our performance in presentation for CMID subject was not ok. It was not slightly similar with the today's temperature. We were not as hot as today's temperature on the stage.

It was full of clumsiness as we don't know how to present the collected data. At certain part, we missed to write down the necessary data and we were just simply left the blank space. It was a big mistake from us as Mr D condemned utmost on it, indeed.

Currently, we are in Chapter 4 - Contract document. I believe all the students realize this chapter is quite complicated. Most of the contents are based on and coming from a real document and everything must be in formal statement.

So, to come out with our own statements are absurd and to copy and paste all the phrases are just inevitable. I pledge to myself to do better in the upcoming presentation (do I will improve? Perhaps so) Next presentation is a Design. So, I got to study and practice to recall all the basic steps in order to run the MXROAD software. *sigh*

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