Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I down, a lot more are still waiting

Last night meeting with Mr D at his house was never futile and disappointing. I'm quite satisfied with all his comments after he went through my entire chapter 4. Well, he was commenting my introduction as more likely to HND students which is not good at all. I need to come out with deeper explanation and throw them out in more efficiently. Okay, I could say that I look forward to all his reprimands.

However, there is something still left undone as I have no idea how to draw the graph for the data collected ones it needs to find the correlation between them. I mean, I know how to draw the graph but don't know which type of graphs I need to choose and how can I explain the output later. Well, everything's solved after a solid favor from mr D.

He wasn't too strict during communicate with us and the conversation went away in non-formal between the students and the lecturer, unlikely what we practice in campus, even I can't deny that he checked our report quite stringent. Mr D was able to cover all students under his supervision and give some ideas and proper solution in writing the chapter 4 at the end of the discussion.

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