Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I love today's water engineering

After a very tiring day yesterday, I knocked myself out to the bed till the next following morning. Nothing else I could do whenever I endured the severe painful joints even there were no bruises had been appeared.

Water class was so good and really inspiring today. I came a little bit late as usual and find out the class not started yet. So, today's syllabus was not so complicated and quite easy to catch up with. Mdm H delivered a good lecturer as I was over excited to do the exercise.

Initially she came out with a little bit theoretical about the procedure and a short brief of the steps of calculation. Okay, I wasn't copy those procedures until she caught me out while I was pretending asking her another question. It was shameful. Luckily, she's not a bad tempered-person, even the grumpy expression never comes.

Still, I felt guilty ahead of my own attitude. So once she gave us an exercise, I decided to pay more attention and strike and task until the last answer. It was the better way to pay back all wrongdoings I have committed.

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