Sunday, March 28, 2010

FYP meeting is forgo...

I've been informed by a friend of mine that Mr. D wants to meet all the students under his supervision for FYP and the time is tonight. I got the message since the last week and unfortunately, no further endeavor has been made to look the FYP report progressed a little bit more.

figure 1: Total vehicle that traveled along the roadway of Mantin - Seremban

As the date and time is almost to come, I was struggling to make my FYP report looks more spick and span at the time Mr D checks on it later. I was painstaking to work a little bit harder than usual as I went to the site-location for taking-pictures purpose of the surrounding area. The sole motion is just want to see my report in hunky dory format.

Figure 2: Skid resistance value of Mantin - Seremban roadway

At the late evening, it's time to prepare all the word documents including the confirmation of the meeting tonight. So, my friend sends a message to Mr D and he was calling back a few moments later. He told us that the meeting that he wants to conduct will be held by tomorrow night.

I was quite happy at the moment I heard the news as I was preparing all the data in frivolously form. Meaning, I still have another 24 hours before the meeting is about to conduct and the amendment will be launched along the time gap. After all, all my hardworks today were not futile down into the drain.

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