Wednesday, March 24, 2010

career fair..part 001

I woke up in the morning to perform my Subuh and didn't sleep back after that, totally different with what I always practice. Usually, I'll sleep back every morning if my class starts at 10 a.m except on Friday as I have a class at 8 a.m.

From today until tomorrow, there is an event has been launched in this college which is the career fair carnival. So, once again all schools need to come out with all equipments or whatsoever for the exhibition purpose. It's more likely with the previous event last Monday but this time, the preparation is not really encouraging as no VVIP was invited.

CMID class is actually started at 10 a.m today. Yet, I came early to the civil school to help Syukri in organizing and setting up the booth for civil exhibition center. This time, we only preview all the posters that advertising the role and contribution of civil engineers and also a few projects from the past competitions that had been participated. So, my hands were full in the morning.

We were not necessarily to look after this booth for each second, so I decided to come to the class once the time was coming. This time, Mr A was the substitute lecturer as Mr D still in Langkawi due to the geo-camp. His performance will be commented in tomorrow entry.