Sunday, February 28, 2010

The last homage

I know my lecturer has decided to stop her service duty but never know about her to move out from her current apartment. I thought she would stays in the apartment for quite some times more since I never asked about her next plan last time. Never expect for her to move away real soon.


So today, as Syuk told me that Mdm Afifah is looking for some favor, I was certainly will come over to contribute a huge portion of my energy and I'm so much ready to conduct any uplift and down-lift work. Even though, I reached a little bit late after receiving a signal from Mdm as I didn't even took my shower yet.

At the moment I arrived, there were a few persons that are likely a bunch of strangers, doing the transferring work of several furniture, boxes and miscellaneous from Mdm's and assembled them at the lobby. Among of them, I can tell a few persons are coming from mdm's family. Recognized them based on the similar look and shape which is likely resemble to Mdm.

I was abruptly take my role at the moment and continue until the last part. Later than that, they relocate again all the stuff into the lorry with proper arrangement - only experienced person knows how to arrange all the stuff so that it could accommodate all things and left no free space.


It seems that the lorry unable to accommodate all Mdm's belonging and it's clearly required to have another trip. So the lorry was coming again at the evening for the second time - to continue what we were done in the morning and transfer a few stuffs more to mdm's new home. Luckily, today' atmosphere was good, the sky is clear and no heavy clouds were moving crawly not just like a couple of days before. The possibility of rain can be neglected.


As I didn't feel any severe muscle soreness, I started to do my FYP even I'm not really into it as I pushed myself. Try to put more endeavor against it and pretend to like it. Proudly to say that I started to have the good rhythm and it's getting better from time to time in term of emotion and dislike feeling.

~no picture's taken~