Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A series of unfortunate moment. - must take note

This post is highlighting all the unfortunate things that happened recently. This should be a good lesson for me especially and take a good procurement step if I stumble upon the same matter :)

  • JKR forget to call and inform me regarding the application process after they promised to do so - Next time, I'll remind them for every 1 hour so that they more alert.
  • During presentation today, I prepared a quite good speech on the paper. I tried to memorize it so that I can present the whole paragraph without looking at it even just a glance, Unfortunately, due to the panic attack and some sort of nervous or anxious feeling, it has slightly devastated the speech - Will memorize any upcoming speech 2 weeks earlier before the presentation take place.
  • I want to withdraw some cash on the ATM. Unfortunately, it was out of service. Yet I try to find another ATM nearby with hope that it doesn't face the same problem - at the end, yes, it has the same matter. I strolled around to any gas station and any banking unit in Seremban but still failed to find the breakthrough - All ATM machines were running out of services due to unknown problem and my wallet remains cashless - I'll not keep my saving in the bank anymore, will find a safety box that I can locate secretly in my home.
  • We failed to draw some cash after we tried so hard. Then, it's time to have a lunch at somewhere by using a few ringgit that left. Quite shocked after we get the bills and luckily it still not exceed the money we had. It's so close actually - Next time, I'll eat Maggi until I can withdraw some cash.
  • I went to one particular shop at Seremban as my intention to grab something. Unfortunately, the shop closed today. Quite disappointed after I through a miserable journey - Next time, I should call first before I decide to come. Ironically, I have the contact number but to call the shop first never comes across in my head.
  • On the way back to college, I stuck in the severe traffic jam. Local authority was cleaning the trees and the branches that might be harmful for the road user. I wonder, why they don't do at the night time as there is a less road users during that time. Thing didn't get any better after I promised to Mr D to meet him in the evening - to get clear view of amendment about my research project. It somehow treated the appointment with him that can be a bad consequence to me as I can't be punctual - Will not set any appointment with any person in the evening.

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