Thursday, March 18, 2010

Smiles for Thursday :)

Today, I'm quite satisfied towards the weather. I was blogging about the extraordinary temperature previously and now it's slightly change today and I hope it remains the same onwards. Alhamdulillah :) It wasn't hot at all, it warms a little bit today.

Not just only the weather, even my class was pleasing me so much as CMID class finished quite early and absolutely, it was unexpected from all. Plus, no lecture at all as Canterbury group was the only group to present their design.

This class should be run for 3 hours. Just imagine, the lecture was over one hour and half earlier than it should be. Have you ever think, why should I'm not very happy for that? That's what all the students want for everyday to happen after all. The lesser the class, the better.

Night - I was interested with an advertisement from the college regarding the celebration of Maulidurrasul. So, I went to the hall just want to listen the speech. It's more likely to a religious activity and it could be a good inspiration for soul.

Furthermore, the speaker tonight is someone that I admire. He was a staff of this college last time before he decided to transfer to MMU and become a lecturer there.

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