Saturday, March 27, 2010

saturday's late good start

Saturday was great even it seems a boredom day for me initially. As I woke up without any to-do-list upon in my head for the day, I remained a less-forward-thinking person even I realized my FYP and CMID project still way far to accomplish.

Yana's call had changed everything in the afternoon. She and ana were planning to go to Seremban for shopping regime and they were eager to watch movie - Evolusi KL Drift. So, they asked me whether I want to join them or not as they knew that I'm suffered of boredom. Well, I was literally grateful that they were nice enough to invite me.

Most of the time, I prefer to sit alone at the provided bench and cling only with the newspaper that I bought. As everyone knows, girls are not easy to handle when they are possessed with all the commodities which are previewed at all shop facades. So they were roaming the entire mall without hesitation, like they were installing the energy recovery system in their body.

Obviously, this is the second hit from me for this movie and absolutely there is no particular reason of me to watch it twice. It was not tempting enough and I just want to kill some time rather than stay idle at home. To me, this movie is just average and not blast enough :)

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