Sunday, March 1, 2009

Engineering math is pretty TOUGH

Engineering Math is getting annoying from time to time as the time goes by. The same thing goes with Geo-mechanics and Hydraulics. There are tones of formula, equations and symbols need to be memorized in order to solve a simple question but still complicated. All three subjects that I'm taking in this 2nd semester for my degree are all about calculations where it's very benefit for those who loves numbers

Feel like my brain is going to explode for thousands pieces, I keep trying all crappy questions since the last class which is on last Friday evening (this statement is clearly not true, i tend to have a cit cat with some friends). The question is quite simple but the way to find the answer is pretty hard. it's so complicated where I need to remember every single steps starting from the 1st, followed by 2nd and proceed to the last. My emotion is breaking down during this process and it's not working out as i wish (sigh).

Reminiscing for 3 or 4 years back, I was learn this kind of calculation during my high school. But now, I completely forget what was I learned. Nothing much I can do now except to refer back all notes and make some revision. I should do more practices to ensure my brain to work as is suppose to.

I would take 10 minutes time for break after those questions stick up around me for quite some time, annoying the hell out of me. Could someone take all books and notes away from my sight please?. 10 minutes time passed already, got to work back :(

(10 minutes time is not enough to restore back my emotion :()

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