Saturday, March 14, 2009

The next obsession after Sumandak!!!

I went for sightseeing yesterday and saw something that grabs my attention on the spot. It was a black Mitsubishi Airtrek travel along the way to Seremban, it’s a fully modified where the front and the rear bumper has been change that makes the Airtrek more fancy. It’s hard for me to look at the rims and the brakes while it’s moving fast and surely it costs a lot of money.

To be frank, I never realize about the existence of this model and it was in the market for ages. Seriously, I fall in love with Airtrek since the first time I saw it travelled along the road with pride and honors (it’s a lame statement, isn’t it?). Airtrek now is one of the greatest cars on my “dream list”.

The most part that attracting me are the design of interior and the exterior of the car itself. You should check it out by yourself from the suspension until the aero dynamic. I’m not interested anymore to Honda Jazz as I'm dreaming of in the first place but I start to obsess with the most recent car I found just now.

So, I browsed on the internet and find out many related links that caught my eyes instantly. I went to investigate the contents and obviously, I could see many different version of Airtrek after a few modifications was made and downloaded it into my PC. I viewed to the whole pictures over and over again and it’s loaded with my compliment.

Unfortunately, I’m failed to gather any further information about the features and characteristics of the engine where some people is very obsess on it. But I believe, all engines part must be a hi-tech machine so that it could be balance and produce an outstanding performance towards the Airtrek itself.

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Check the pictures out. All views are so adorable.

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