Monday, March 16, 2009

the journey continue ~part 1


So, I reached into this college since this afternoon around 1.30 p.m. and rushed to my apartment to get myself prepared so that I could attend my Geo-mechanic class promptly on time. But I was enter the room at 15 minutes past over 2 p.m

The journey continue,

the journey begins promptly at 2.30 and heading to Terminal 2. At first, the bus is not full with passengers but once the driver went to fetch some people in Terminal 2, the bus is suddenly get congested. I couldn’t see any single seat left and obviously all passengers couldn’t sit comfortably.

And, I want to reveal something here that I never been in a double-decker bus ever and this is the first time I’m traveling with it. Nothing is different compare with the normal bus except I could see the top of any vehicles along the road. Once I know that I’ll travel with the bus, I’m planning to sit at the front so that I could see the clear view without hindrances. Unfortunately, I’m not quite fast for that because someone is sitting there already. So, I’ve to sit a few rows back away from the front sit. Pity me.

Sitting for few hours in narrow space and without any movements make my hips feel so uncomfortable. It’s getting better once the bus reached over the station and I’m looking for a shuttle bus right away. I try to reach to my home before the twilight take part as I manage for homecoming on that way since the very beginning.

Starring the surrounding, there are a lot of people and some of them are crumbs. So many freaks do strolling around to nowhere. Most of them are foreigner worker and I could feel that I’m on vacation in Bangladesh, Indonesian, Myanmar and Nepal as well. Not to forget for the local youngster, wasting time around the station and do weird things. Not being nosy, but their attitude is not show a good civilization of Malaysian people.

To be continue….

I have an evening sport now. I’ll be back in shortly.

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