Friday, March 20, 2009

today is a bad day :(

Got an eye sored, throat irritation, got a runny nose and some of my body parts are listless. I could feel my body is too weak right now and it start to heat out to the fever. It might be happen because of the extraordinary hot weather and followed the raining days alternately. Walking down under the sun and exposed my skin suddenly to air-conditioner makes the body system gets shocked. Without enough supplements for my antibody, it would ruin out my endurance. I'm not going to wait for it to heal by itself, but I have to find the sufficient vitamin instead!

Good news for all my classmates after Johnny class will be postponed until next weeks and possibly on Friday morning. If this confirmed, it would be hard for the next Friday as I’ll have an Eng. Math for the day long. 3 hours in the morning and continue with another 3 hours in the evening being stuck with calculation and digits absolutely make me insane. Some people like to have this where they could feel the satisfaction once they got the answer for the particular question and make the desire link to another question. perhaps, I'm one of them :p

Do you know how people sometime intently to speak out the wrong ideas to avoid the stupidity inside them? Especially when it’s an awkward discussion, sitting together with wise people around that know things better. When you are waiting for your turn to deliver your opinion to the weird strangers that is sitting next to you. When you prefer to remain as a mute and writing down the ideas from the certain people to avoid from looking at their face by pretending to look busy. It is my friend where he claimed that he knows everything. But the truth is, he's nothing but trouble. This young little jerk just amusing me nicely:0

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