Sunday, March 29, 2009

The chronology of good moments

My hands were full since last week as I couldn't have even a space to update my blog. I was busy with completing my Geo-mechanic report. Plus, the intention to jot down some post was never come even I've been through so many remarkable things and some of them, I was never experienced before. Suppose, I'm very excited but, it’s not happen on that way. The ideas probably tend not to pan out to share my every day story with my regular blog's readers. Some people asking me to update and after brainstorming, I put this opportunity into myself and here we go, the update :).

“The title race is still wide open”. That’s what the commentator said once the match between Mu and Fulham is over. This the second lose in a row after United was beaten by Liverpool 2 weeks ago with many scores. Due to the unexpected result, few teams able to get back their self in dreaming the EPL trophy. Things a little bit absurd for Chelsea after lose the precious point regarding their defeated.

“Earth hour” is one of the campaigns for the mankind to realize the drastic climate change that happen nowadays. The objective is to drive the human to reduce and if possible, to stop from done anything that caused any pollution and directly distorted the climate. I was turn off all lights for an hour and the whole house was dark but different things happen for the international students. I’ve no idea whether they didn’t know or pretending that they didn’t know about the campaign.

This is the most interesting paragraph among others, for the first time, I was challenged myself to climb up the Legenda’s Water Supply Tank for the BUTL area. Some friends were joining this mission and those guys are Epul, Syuk, Gua, Apis and the specialist climber, Mohd Afiq Syazwan Bin Mohd Nasir. We were sneaking inside the area through the narrow space in the dark night and start to climb the ladders. After pass a level to another level, finally we reach at the last platform but still not at the top. We have to climb the vertical ladder and walking to the tank side while our hand is on the handrail. For the first time, I could see the whole Legenda City boundaries from the top and the view is just amazing. You should try this crazy thing where you will enjoy the fantastic view at last. For advice, please don’t try this during the cloudy or you’ll be strike by the light.

5 things that make my retarded face might be punched.

  1. Afiq didn’t feel tired while I was breathing like a hell
  2. Afiq didn’t trembling while my legs were shaking
  3. Afiq stays calm while I’m getting a little bit clumsy once I saw the ground
  4. Afiq’s hands were still on the phone’s keypad while I put the max energy to grasp the handrail
  5. Afiq’s reaction was normal like nothing’s happen while I was amazed to the god’s creation.

Afiq must be proud to the max once he reads this.

(Afiq, gua mintak ampun jika ada salah dan silap)

Sunday, 29th of March, the day that I was looking forward since October last year finally reached out. It was the F1 GP and I admit that I’m obsessed on it since I was a kid. The first round was held in Melbourne where there are many changes regarding the rules and regulation. The objectives are to make this sport to more breathtaking, more competitive and exciting. New record has been created after the new team called BRAWN GP was winning the pole and second position. This is the first appearance for this team and winning the 1st and 2nd place is just a stunning start for them. But, sorry to say this, the looks of all F1 cars are really ugly starting from the downforce, their front wing and the rear wing even the sets of tires are really sucks. After all, that’s the new regulation order.

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oLLiE said...

gile gempak la..ko afiq...aku pn salute sama lu...hebat..smpai kwn aku sowg the experience...besh gak la...same like..marul....thats my feeling too...because..the 1st time..