Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm not around for few days

"I'll start my journey on Saturday, 7 o'clock in the morning and will be back after 2 days where it's on Monday"

I never think for homecoming since i was enrolled myself in 2nd semester for my bachelor. I was told by my classmates that we will have a leave in this coming Monday as our respect for the born of prophet Muhammad S.A.W. As his mankind, I'm very grateful and very thankful to ALLAH as I was born in Islam and become a Muslim.

So, as everyone could see, i have 3 days off in a row where those days are starting from Saturday, Sunday and including one public holiday (Monday). Its a very useful chance for me actually. As a student who is studying away far from my family, this precious time would be a chance for me to come to my home town and meet them. That's what I'm looking forward now and I'm start to count it down from now on.

So, there's nothing to think about, i should grab my bag pack and packing all necessary things now. I tend to carry a light bag pack so that my back is not in pain. I'm thinking to bring some notes so that I would make some revision regarding what was i had learned in the class back then. Alright, my bag pack will be ready in shortly.

"to do list" during the holiday:
  1. Study - do some revision and exercises
  2. farming work (tanam ubi kot)
  3. contribute something for my auntie's wedding. (we used too closed in ages and now she's gonna be someone's wife. Congratulations cik indah:))
  4. Menyapu sampah (too good to be true)
  5. Lap tingkap (too good to be true)
(Seems that my hands will full for few days ahead. Sigh*)

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