Monday, March 30, 2009

1 down, few to go

The Geo- mechanics assignment has been submitted yesterday right on the time. It's complete after I was put all effort towards the assignment along the night before the date line. Some of the data was fully quoted from related websites as I did during my diploma's days in order to complete my assignment triumphantly. Each minutes, I wish someone could share their reports, but plagiarism is strictly prohibited. We all know that.

I do search a raw data from the websites and also try to obtain any related information and facts regarding to the surcharging/preloading method that implement in this nation. We also try to get a good deal with a company that willing to help us on this. Well, there's someone is contributing more effort for us to form a good report. The guy is Afiq where he able to find many interesting and important facts to attach in the report. furthermore, all the facts are in PDF format and surely, its easy to use once we download and stored in the memory device.

Actually, there is one part that we are not done yet. It's about the presentation and we have to give a short brief about the models. My group will present 3 models during the presentation part but no discussion is made till now. So, have to work on it afterwards.

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