Thursday, March 12, 2009

Glory Glory Man Utd!!! (sing out loud my frend)

Woke up early just want to catch football match where my favorite team against Inter Milan for the second leg. I miss the match for 30 minutes early as I overslept and forget to lock my alarm before I sleep. I found out that MU has score a goal in early match time make my eyes suddenly fresh to stare on the screen. I miss the good moment as well for sure.

Mu is completely control the game even Inter Milan is always threatening the MU goalie to find the equalizer or a winning goal. After 49 minutes game, the Theater Of Dream is shaking again by the roar of MU fan after Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the 2nd goal.

So, mathematically, MU is qualify for the quarter final by wining aggregate goal to 2 – 0 after defeating Inter Milan. One step ahead to catch the trophy and I am not one to boast about my love for MU but I got quite an ear full when MU were draw with Inter Milan in the first leg.

The Title race is wide open now. Three games remain in hand and hopefully MU will be able to capitalize and winning all matches. Jose Maurinho and Juan de Ramos claim the UEFA champion league has lost their magic. Benitez is more vocal after his surgery. The UEFA champion league is just about to heat up and that is why it’s the BEST league in the World. Even though I have never been to Manchester or will I ever live there but I am supporting them with pride, win or lose, A Red devil is always a Red Devil!!

Drama! More Drama! And More Drama! That’s the beauty of football.

*Class will start in 10 minutes time. So, got to run now*

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